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Low Carb Diets May Help With Diabetes and Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, controlling cholesterol and weight loss we have been used to hear advises to minimize consumption of meat, butter and go for grains.  However in recent days more and more experts are agreeing that it’s time to stop focusing on counting calories and to fear consuming fat. The today’s solution is simple. Avoid refined carbs and start utilizing the low-carb diet high in fat with proteins and vegetables instead of grains and fruits. read more ….

Weight Loss Wedding meal ideas from This Morning

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but for the bride there is pressure to look especially perfect. This Morning is launching a new series – Weight Loss Wedding to help three blushing brides reach their goals before the big day. And here we have a whole host of healthy meals that you can try to cook at home. However, these meals are meant as ideas only. Feel free to use the guidelines and come up with your own creations. Source:      

The Best 8 Hair Removal Techniques

There are a lot of different methods how to make your skin smooth and hairless. What are women looking for? Duration of effect, painless and the relative cheapness of procedure! Unfortunately, it does not happen, ironically, you can get only two of the three desired effects… Denote our “workspaces”: legs, bikini area, underarms, small “whiskers” on the upper lip, where hair is normal but sometimes unwished phenomena. If you are too lazy for fighting with undesired hair or if it’s wintertime my advice is very Read More +