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Reasons for Avocado being the suitable food for weight management

Avocado has several health benefits and among the most popular ones is weight loss.  The single seed containing berry native of Mexico contains 29g fats and 322 calories. Mono-saturated fat concentration of the fruit is 20g each berry which the researchers believe makes it special. It has a proven capacity to reduce cholesterol, put an end to hunger tendencies and spot reduces belly fats. All these things make it the right kind of food for people looking for weight loss. The other benefits are listed Read More +

3D fitness device for accurate weight loss measurements

Many people have personal fitness goals and finding motivation could be tough without monitoring real results. Marc Lesser, a New York resident had a personal accident in his life. The 45 year old man developed bad habits and his fitness motivation went for a toss. Lesser in his discussion to a new channel said that people get back to their previous routine and let things take place naturally. The weighing scale often shows disappointing results and some experts have an opinion. According to them, the Read More +