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Spring cleaning suggestions that may lead to weight loss

Spring cleaning should not involve going deeper into chips bag. When half portion of closet is unevenly distributed throughout the room and dining room appears like a mail sorting facility, it calls for attention. In such circumstances, the goals for weight loss can jump off the window. Author and organizational expert Walsh has penned a book suggesting ways to remain slim by losing the clutter. Whenever the atmosphere and moods become out of sorts, it becomes very difficult for the body to maintain a lean Read More +

Techniques to combat belly-fat, and how you can make a change!

Many people consider belly-fat to be bad, but the reality is it also serves a lot of good for us. In addition to it’s protective elements, belly fat also serves as a storage component to provide our body with necessary fats, nutrients, and other cravings as needed. Unfortunately, as well all know, too much of anything can be bad. The extra fat (cells) in your stomach, also known as visceral fat, creates special hormones, known as adipose hormones, and these can be troublesome, in turn Read More +