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Obesity inducing gene discovery may solve a mystery

Scientists have figured out in depth about the primary gene linked with obesity and responsible for making people fat. It may be a gateway to adopting a fresh approach to this problem besides exercise and diet control. It has also solved a mystery for researchers who knew of only FTO gene linked to obesity. However, they weren’t aware of the ways and failed to tie it up with appetite or some other factors. According to experiment outcome, FTO’s faulty version causes the energy out of Read More +

Weight Loss Tips For Over 60’s

Achieving a lean frame after reaching sixty years of age is no cakewalk. Life is relatively easier after reaching that age. People are more comfortable with themselves with certain clarity. It encourages them to pursue things from a wider perspective as opposed to a laid back approach. However, it is quite challenging to integrate exercise, weight loss and healthy eating in similar fashion. At sixty, getting rid of extra weight would resemble a herculean task. The stiff back prevents you from getting away from bed Read More +

Things Women Need To Know On Their Weight Loss Journey

For women interested in weight loss, lowering sugar intake, drinking more water and extra vegetable consumption is not the only answer.  Weight losing means a journey which is full of challenges. These are known to test their emotional, psychological and physical adaptability. Listed below are some of the aspects of weight loss which shouldn’t be overlooked: Get ready to face strong setbacks The entire journey of losing weight is a quite a bumpy or roller coaster ride. Make sure you aren’t discouraged in your mission Read More +