Mono Meals And Mono Diets

How does a Mono Diet work? Mono Diet is an excellent tool for cleaning the body and switching to a healthy diet. Thanks to it, you can lose a few pounds and strengthen the immune system. Mono diet is the use for several days of products of one kind. Mono diet allows the body to get rid of toxins. As a result, the skin is cleansed, the complexion improves. During a mono diet, you allow your digestive tract to relax, it is restored. But do not Read More +

Dieting Can Actually Help in Improvement of Mood

For long people have been under the impression that dieting more often than not, led to acute mood swings causing the dieters to lose their temper easily. However, a recent study has, after carrying out a protracted trial that extended to two-years, have established that individuals who were on a regular diet had a stimulating sex life, slept peacefully, and remained more composed. Those participating in the trial that were either overweight without being obese or had normal weight if they were successful in cutting Read More +

The INSIDER on weight gain, weight loss, and your inner you

People continue to want to lose weight, unfortunately more commonly than those looking to ‘bulk up’ or gain weight—, hopefully in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers researching or just getting into dieting and fitness miss a few, not always obvious, factors that will weigh heavily on your progress and desired weight gain or loss, —and of course muscle development. In the end, it takes a lot of work to be healthier, for most, because they are not yet conditioned to, or were Read More +

Eggs feature among the right foods in weight loss journey

Almost everyone is aware of the super healthy benefits of consuming eggs. Instead of making it a weekend lunch food, how about consuming it on regular basis to lose extra weight. Sounds good? Yes, eggs help you to cut down on the extra pounds. Loaded with proteins, your morning plate must have egg for the weight loss achievement. There are many reasons for you to have more eggs than yesterday as mentioned below: Proven strategy for weight loss According to a 2008 research findings, obese Read More +

Weight Loss Tips For Over 60’s

Achieving a lean frame after reaching sixty years of age is no cakewalk. Life is relatively easier after reaching that age. People are more comfortable with themselves with certain clarity. It encourages them to pursue things from a wider perspective as opposed to a laid back approach. However, it is quite challenging to integrate exercise, weight loss and healthy eating in similar fashion. At sixty, getting rid of extra weight would resemble a herculean task. The stiff back prevents you from getting away from bed Read More +

Best Way Of Loosing Weight: Less Eating or More Exercising

Major soft drink producing company  reportedly has pumped in money to a research organization for pushing the message of inadequate exercise as a bigger contributor to obesity. However, science still holds calorie consumption as key contributor to weight gain with maximum people. According to experts, it is exercise which keep people healthier but shedding calories play a more significant role with weight loss.  According to Dr. Cohen, massive scale of research has been conducted so far which shows that decreasing calories helps in losing weight for a Read More +

Being a vegetarian aids in weight loss journey, says study

People looking for an out and out zero sized figure may settle for a vegan diet. It must be devoid of animal products in order to get the desired outcome. According to a study, this approach is better than typical weight loss planning people often stumble upon. One of the researchers of a Taiwanese hospital advocates a vegan diet over non vegan as more effective for losing weight. The research study on this subject involved the analysis of various diet trials. As many as 12 Read More +

Five easy to follow non-dietary ways of weight loss

Diets play a big role in weight loss but it isn’t the only significant thing. There are sure shot ways of weight loss which are not primarily based on diet intake alone. One may take a hint from the points discussed below: Spending time in the early morning sun North-western University researchers discovered that length, intensity and timing of sunlight exposure affect the weight. They came to the conclusion after comparing people in two different categories. One of them got the exposure to sun in Read More +

Feelings can influence food choices among people

Dieting is a hard weight loss exercise for people tend to make food choices as per their individualistic thinking patterns, suggests a research study. The researchers came across evidence stating the fact where feelings dominated. As per their thoughts, participants planned to diet but it may fall apart owing to actual hunger when the feelings impacted their food preferences. The aforementioned study reveals that feelings have no role with the procedure of planning to alter eating behaviors. However, they have a role to play in Read More +

Techniques to combat belly-fat, and how you can make a change!

Many people consider belly-fat to be bad, but the reality is it also serves a lot of good for us. In addition to it’s protective elements, belly fat also serves as a storage component to provide our body with necessary fats, nutrients, and other cravings as needed. Unfortunately, as well all know, too much of anything can be bad. The extra fat (cells) in your stomach, also known as visceral fat, creates special hormones, known as adipose hormones, and these can be troublesome, in turn Read More +