Weight Loss: A Little Can Go a Long Way

For those of you who’re too obsessed with weight loss regimens, the fact that losing even a small proportion of your overall weight will lead to significant health gains. Researchers and scientists at Washington University School of Medicine have established that foregoing just 5% of your weight on the whole may not bring about a remarkable change in your appearance. On the other hand, however, even a minimal degree of weight loss translates into substantial health benefits including reduction in the development and/or occurrence of Read More +

Some Non-Dieting Techniques to Maintain Weight Post Christmas time

Every year, majority of Europeans and Americans, tend to put on weight, at least by a pound in the period flanked by Halloween and Christmastime i.e. 31st October to 1st January. The reason behind gaining pound(s) is obvious-the temptation to feast on all kinds of mouth-watering delicacies usually gets the better of the willpower to keep one’s weight under control. Now, gaining a couple of pounds annually doesn’t seem much but if you gain 2 pounds every year for a decade, then you’re likely to Read More +

The INSIDER on weight gain, weight loss, and your inner you

People continue to want to lose weight, unfortunately more commonly than those looking to ‘bulk up’ or gain weight—, hopefully in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers researching or just getting into dieting and fitness miss a few, not always obvious, factors that will weigh heavily on your progress and desired weight gain or loss, —and of course muscle development. In the end, it takes a lot of work to be healthier, for most, because they are not yet conditioned to, or were Read More +

Making sense of weight loss myths

In today’s diet and nutrition world ‘everyone’s an expert’, yet little to no valid or accurate dietary information is commonly given. It’s important to not only take into consideration adequate scientific research and professional perspectives, but also to use your own judgment. Let’s review a few common weight loss myths and evaluate them to make sense of their total potential. Many people, and “”professionals””, might recommend skipping meals, or ‘fasting’ to be successful at weight loss. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also Read More +

Weight Loss Tips For Over 60’s

Achieving a lean frame after reaching sixty years of age is no cakewalk. Life is relatively easier after reaching that age. People are more comfortable with themselves with certain clarity. It encourages them to pursue things from a wider perspective as opposed to a laid back approach. However, it is quite challenging to integrate exercise, weight loss and healthy eating in similar fashion. At sixty, getting rid of extra weight would resemble a herculean task. The stiff back prevents you from getting away from bed Read More +

Being a vegetarian aids in weight loss journey, says study

People looking for an out and out zero sized figure may settle for a vegan diet. It must be devoid of animal products in order to get the desired outcome. According to a study, this approach is better than typical weight loss planning people often stumble upon. One of the researchers of a Taiwanese hospital advocates a vegan diet over non vegan as more effective for losing weight. The research study on this subject involved the analysis of various diet trials. As many as 12 Read More +

Five easy to follow non-dietary ways of weight loss

Diets play a big role in weight loss but it isn’t the only significant thing. There are sure shot ways of weight loss which are not primarily based on diet intake alone. One may take a hint from the points discussed below: Spending time in the early morning sun North-western University researchers discovered that length, intensity and timing of sunlight exposure affect the weight. They came to the conclusion after comparing people in two different categories. One of them got the exposure to sun in Read More +

Study indicates maximum weight losing programs as monetary wastes

Weight loss plans and programs have been criticized for making a hole in the pocket without providing the desired results. According to some reports, Americans end up spending over $2.5 billion yearly on such programs to shed kilos. However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove if these weight losing programs are actually a success. More than 4200 papers of research on this topic have arrived at this conclusion. This weight loss related report found a place in a well known medical journal. It revealed that from Read More +

The utilization of weight training to burn fat

Understanding the health benefits to weight training, cardio, and weight loss all come hand in hand for the everyday ‘gym rat’–and especially those just getting started. What we demand from our body during weight training is in equivalence if not greater than the demands from our mind. With this, we cast a great “burden” of fat depletion as well as muscle demand, breakdown, and rebuilding through variations in weight loss and muscle building routine. A few variations of weight training and tips to promote ‘fat Read More +

Reasons for Avocado being the suitable food for weight management

Avocado has several health benefits and among the most popular ones is weight loss.  The single seed containing berry native of Mexico contains 29g fats and 322 calories. Mono-saturated fat concentration of the fruit is 20g each berry which the researchers believe makes it special. It has a proven capacity to reduce cholesterol, put an end to hunger tendencies and spot reduces belly fats. All these things make it the right kind of food for people looking for weight loss. The other benefits are listed Read More +