Some Non-Dieting Techniques to Maintain Weight Post Christmas time

Every year, majority of Europeans and Americans, tend to put on weight, at least by a pound in the period flanked by Halloween and Christmastime i.e. 31st October to 1st January. The reason behind gaining pound(s) is obvious-the temptation to feast on all kinds of mouth-watering delicacies usually gets the better of the willpower to keep one’s weight under control. Now, gaining a couple of pounds annually doesn’t seem much but if you gain 2 pounds every year for a decade, then you’re likely to Read More +

Weight Loss Tips For Over 60’s

Achieving a lean frame after reaching sixty years of age is no cakewalk. Life is relatively easier after reaching that age. People are more comfortable with themselves with certain clarity. It encourages them to pursue things from a wider perspective as opposed to a laid back approach. However, it is quite challenging to integrate exercise, weight loss and healthy eating in similar fashion. At sixty, getting rid of extra weight would resemble a herculean task. The stiff back prevents you from getting away from bed Read More +

Four Unconventional Ways Of Weight Loss Without Exercise

The longing for simplistic and easy to follow weight loss methods take people from strictest of diets to exhausting exercise routines. There isn’t a shortcut method as weight gain takes place through a continuous period of time. Similarly, weight loss is achieved by putting in efforts for a certain period of time. Not to worry when there is a will, there is a way. Some tactics suggested by experts can take the stress out of spending hours in exercise or following strict diets. Apart from Read More +

Weighing in on sleep

The average person in today’s fast-spaced society requires between at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, not only do most individuals not obtain this most sleep, but they also don’t maintain a consistent sleep schedule day in and day out. In fact, sleep (or a lack there of) directly influences at least two hormones in your body, known as ghrelin, and leptin. These hormones tell your brain when to eat, and the other tells your body when to stop eating. When we don’t receive enough Read More +

Study indicates maximum weight losing programs as monetary wastes

Weight loss plans and programs have been criticized for making a hole in the pocket without providing the desired results. According to some reports, Americans end up spending over $2.5 billion yearly on such programs to shed kilos. However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove if these weight losing programs are actually a success. More than 4200 papers of research on this topic have arrived at this conclusion. This weight loss related report found a place in a well known medical journal. It revealed that from Read More +

The Best 8 Hair Removal Techniques

There are a lot of different methods how to make your skin smooth and hairless. What are women looking for? Duration of effect, painless and the relative cheapness of procedure! Unfortunately, it does not happen, ironically, you can get only two of the three desired effects… Denote our “workspaces”: legs, bikini area, underarms, small “whiskers” on the upper lip, where hair is normal but sometimes unwished phenomena. If you are too lazy for fighting with undesired hair or if it’s wintertime my advice is very Read More +