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Making sense of weight loss myths

In today’s diet and nutrition world ‘everyone’s an expert’, yet little to no valid or accurate dietary information is commonly given. It’s important to not only take into consideration adequate scientific research and professional perspectives, but also to use your own judgment. Let’s review a few common weight loss myths and evaluate them to make sense of their total potential. Many people, and “”professionals””, might recommend skipping meals, or ‘fasting’ to be successful at weight loss. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also Read More +

Ways to control weight after going through weight loss

Losing weight may be easier than maintaining it consistently for a period of time. According to certain estimates, up to 85% of individuals losing weight end up regaining a certain amount. Some of the reviews found out that almost two third dieters regained the amount of weight they’ve lost. After weight loss, the body runs through different hormonal and metabolic changes. Consequently, it may increase the appetite, stimulate hunger and slow down metabolism. All of these may obstruct the efforts put in for weight loss, Read More +

Fruits, Veggies, and Fiber for Weight Loss

While everyone knows the value of fruit and vegetables are much greater than junk food and a natural solution to a healthier you, not everyone knows why. When we consume vegetables and fruits on a daily basis it provides our bodies with the nutrition it needs, such as vitamins, minerals,  and much needed balance. Without these nutrients our bodies would not function as optimally as they could. For example, fatigue, susceptibility to illness, and a lack of ability to focus are some of the side Read More +

Eggs feature among the right foods in weight loss journey

Almost everyone is aware of the super healthy benefits of consuming eggs. Instead of making it a weekend lunch food, how about consuming it on regular basis to lose extra weight. Sounds good? Yes, eggs help you to cut down on the extra pounds. Loaded with proteins, your morning plate must have egg for the weight loss achievement. There are many reasons for you to have more eggs than yesterday as mentioned below: Proven strategy for weight loss According to a 2008 research findings, obese Read More +