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Five easy to follow non-dietary ways of weight loss

Diets play a big role in weight loss but it isn’t the only significant thing. There are sure shot ways of weight loss which are not primarily based on diet intake alone. One may take a hint from the points discussed below: Spending time in the early morning sun North-western University researchers discovered that length, intensity and timing of sunlight exposure affect the weight. They came to the conclusion after comparing people in two different categories. One of them got the exposure to sun in Read More +

Four Unconventional Ways Of Weight Loss Without Exercise

The longing for simplistic and easy to follow weight loss methods take people from strictest of diets to exhausting exercise routines. There isn’t a shortcut method as weight gain takes place through a continuous period of time. Similarly, weight loss is achieved by putting in efforts for a certain period of time. Not to worry when there is a will, there is a way. Some tactics suggested by experts can take the stress out of spending hours in exercise or following strict diets. Apart from Read More +

Weighing in on sleep

The average person in today’s fast-spaced society requires between at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, not only do most individuals not obtain this most sleep, but they also don’t maintain a consistent sleep schedule day in and day out. In fact, sleep (or a lack there of) directly influences at least two hormones in your body, known as ghrelin, and leptin. These hormones tell your brain when to eat, and the other tells your body when to stop eating. When we don’t receive enough Read More +