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Best Way Of Loosing Weight: Less Eating or More Exercising

Major soft drink producing company  reportedly has pumped in money to a research organization for pushing the message of inadequate exercise as a bigger contributor to obesity. However, science still holds calorie consumption as key contributor to weight gain with maximum people. According to experts, it is exercise which keep people healthier but shedding calories play a more significant role with weight loss.  According to Dr. Cohen, massive scale of research has been conducted so far which shows that decreasing calories helps in losing weight for a Read More +

Six aspects of weight loss journey for women

Women are vulnerable to weight gain which may lead to low confidence and enthusiasm. For some females, cutting down on sugar, increased water and vegetable consumptions fails to work in favor. Weight loss is more of a journey which may appear somewhat a roller-coaster ride. Women need to fight challenges and hurdles lying in their way to shed the kilos. The below mentioned points go deeper into the matter – Check your own equation with food choices To cut down on weight, you need to Read More +

Unconventional weight losing tactics without involving exercises

People seek the shortest possible route to find a solution and it’s no different with weight loss. In most cases, it primarily involves an over-exhausting exercise regimen and punishing diet programs. There is no denying that weigh gain is the end result of the choices made, both small and big. Losing weight is not possible overnight with extreme efforts and requires the right approach. It may be great news for people involved in losing their kilos significantly. There is no need for making extreme lifestyle Read More +