15 minutes Workout For Hot Abs

Workout for Abs

Targeting core is beyond taut tummy: It turbocharges overall strength and metabolism.

A sports-bra yoga coach, females with naval rings are sexier, everyone had time of abs envy. However beyond well those sexy girls pull off a crop tops, there are more reason why their ridiculous midsection influence you to work on your own.

Overall strength stems from core. From your arm to leg movements all initiate from this center. So stronger the core, the more you will be efficient on running, cycling and in the gym. Go paying a little extra attention to your waistline can really help you to boost your overall body results.

Here is a 15 minute, created for 2 for 1 deal, which will build a critical core strength as well as score you with desirable abs. do these moves up to 3 days a week, moving from one to next with a bit of rest (1 minute) in between each circuit. Repeat 3 of all circuits each time.


Stand with knees bent, with your feet hips width apart, hold a medicine ball outside the right knee. Keep your arms straight and support your core, and stand as raising the ball in diagonal direction above left shoulder. Break, and then return to begin. That is 1 rep, do 5 and switch sides.

Tip – Select the weight of medicine ball that challenges your core at the time of last few reps with no compromise on your proper form.


Hold medicine ball with your arms in extended direction at the height of your chest, and feet hip-width apart. While moving, step left foot back with both knees bent to the lower into lunge when you rotate the torso to right, bringing medicine ball outside the right shoulder. Gradually reverse this movement and return to start. This is a single rep, do 5 reps and change the sides.


Lie on back, with feet raised and bend your knees at 90 degrees with your arms at the sides a few inches above the floor and your palms in facing upward. Support your core to reach fingertips towards the heels when you raise your shoulder above the floor, by keeping head in neutral direction. Break, then return to begin. This is 1 rep, repeat 10 times.


Lie with face upward, bend your knees, with feet flat above on floor. Extend left leg, by keeping it parallel to right thigh, support your core on 3 counts, raise your back above the floor, by keeping head neutral with reaching arms to the left foot. Break, then slowly roll down. This is 1 rep, do 5 and then switch the sides.

There are many workouts and diet plans that are beyond truth about abs. So you need to follow right workout and eat right food at the right time to get best abs.

It you really want 6 pack abs, you must be aware of all truth about abs and follow this plan religiously and have a regular exercise every day. Exercising helps you burn fat and it also tone up your body in appropriate shape.

Image Credit : pexels.com