8 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

Easy ways to burn 100 calories Unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to lose weight and burn calories. However, we have selected 8 interesting ways that will help you burn 100 calories in just a few minutes.

Do you think that it is impossible to get rid of extra calories without exhausting training? Then read our tips, because we have selected for you simple and affordable ways to always be in shape.

1. Dancing

It is an incredibly effective way to quickly get rid of excess calories and extra pounds. Choose 4-5 of your favorite songs and dance to them to your heart’s content.

Five songs are about fifteen minutes you’ll spend moving briskly. In this way, you can burn 100 calories while enjoying yourself.

2. Go shopping!

Surprised? Visit the store is at least a 40-minute walk. Thus, thanks to shopping you will not only buy the necessary goods but also burn calories fast and without extra effort.

In addition, during shopping, a person does not notice how quickly time flies, so you will not even have time to blink an eye when the extra weight will start to melt.

3. Clean up on the terrace, in the garden, in the yard

Such productive and at the same time pleasant activities, such as gardening and cleaning the yard, will help burn calories in an incredibly short time!

You will need only twenty minutes of free time. During this time, you will not only clean up on the terrace, in the garden, and in the yard but also burn about a hundred calories!

4. Help friends or neighbors with moving

If any of your friends or neighbors are planning to move, offer to help them. You will not only be able to support your friends but you will also get rid of extra calories.

You can burn about 100 calories in just twenty minutes of such an activity.

5. Interval training

Of course, playing sports is the best and most effective way to lose extra pounds. If you alternate between low and high-intensity exercises, you can burn calories without exhausting your body.

Here is an example of interval training:

  • jumps “Jumping Jack” – 20 seconds
  • rest – 10 seconds
  • lifting legs bent at the knee – 20 seconds
  • rest – 10 seconds
  • jumping rope – 20 seconds
  • rest – 10 seconds

To burn 100 calories, you need to do 9 repetitions of this workout.

6. Clean the house

It is necessary to clean the house in any case. However, this activity will bring you, even more, pleasure if you know that you can get rid of extra pounds during cleaning.

To burn 100 calories, you can vacuum the carpet, or sweep or mop the floor. You will need only 30 minutes of free time to complete this task for the benefit of yourself and your home.

7. Cook dinner

You should not think that cooking and burning fat are incompatible things.

Cooking can also be beneficial for health because to lose weight, it is necessary not to starve, but to eat healthy food. If you spend about an hour at the stove, you can not only cook dinner for the family but also burn calories.

From now on, you will no longer have to interrupt yourself with food from a delivery service, because you can easily get rid of a hundred calories while feeding your family home-cooked meals.

8. Stairs against an elevator

If you forget about the elevator, it will be much easier for you to keep yourself in shape, and you will immediately feel better. Moreover, regular stairs walking will help burn calories without overloading and exhausting the body.

To burn 100 calories, walk down and up the stairs for 10 minutes.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate