How To Lose Weight Without Gaining It Back?

How to Lose Weight Without Gaining It Back?

Improper weight loss

A sharp restriction of nutrients and calories leads to severe stress on the body: as a result, metabolic processes are blocked, namely, the rate of metabolism is very important for the fight against excess weight.

Most often, when losing weight try to cut fats and carbohydrates, which causes uncontrolled appetite in the future, metabolic disorders, and failure of the hormonal system. Because of this weight loss occurs, but not due to fat loss, but due to loss of muscle mass.

What is the main principle of weight loss?

The main task during weight loss, which will not harm the body and help maintain a normal weight – is to disperse the slow metabolism, and not to lead to metabolic disorders. And here you do not need a strict diet and proper nutrition.

This type of diet also involves the restriction of foods and even the complete abandonment of some. But only those that are really harmful to health are excluded, and instead, an alternative is offered.

That is, with a balanced diet, a person gets the necessary trace elements with food, loses weight, and does not gain new pounds.

What is better to eat so as not to gain weight?

We often have a snack or breakfast fast porridge, oatmeal, or sweet cornflakes. Such foods are quickly transformed in the body into sugar, slow down the process of burning fat and if you eat them constantly, you can gain weight.

Therefore, a healthier alternative to this snack is whole grain cereals with a low glycemic index: buckwheat, pearl barley, millet. Also for snacks, it is good to use vegetables, nuts, dried fruits. And in addition to snacks, it is generally important to eat rationally constantly.

What should be the diet so as not to gain weight?

So, we can eat the fruit in the morning, but not as a main breakfast: breakfast should be with protein foods (eggs, cheese, fish). Also do not forget about vegetables – fresh or cooked (steamed, baked, boiled).

For lunch, it is good to eat foods rich in slow carbohydrates: it is whole grains. And also vegetables – for example, beet salad, sauerkraut. Pumpkin soups or meat soups are also good for lunch, preferably poultry or white meat (not red meat, and not pork).

You can finish your lunch with a fruit dessert, then in the evening, you will want less sweet.

Dinner, if you want to keep your weight back to normal, should be light because metabolic processes are slow at night. Especially do not eat at night greasy and fried food (and in general at any time of day), vegetables or a piece of fish is better to cook on steam.

And don’t forget to follow a drinking regimen. Not everyone needs 2 liters of water per day, but the body needs more drinking if you losing weight. It helps to cleanse the body naturally.

If it is difficult to regularly drink clean water, put a reminder on the alarm clock or a bottle of water in a prominent place. And remember that it is impossible to lose weight and not gain new weight with just one rational diet – you need to include exercise.

Is it necessary to go to the gym to lose weight?

It is unnecessary to visit the gym, but it is important to understand that any physical activity will help speed up metabolism, strengthen muscles, and keep skin toned. So start changing your habits: instead of the elevator – go up the stairs, generally walk more, start doing morning exercises, do not forget to warm up during the lunch break.

If you want to do more serious, running in the morning or evening, it is better to consult a professional trainer. And it is even more effective to make the individual program of weight loss and food – here the nutritionist will help you.

It is in the complex, eating right and being active, you can lose weight faster and maintain a normal weight.

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