Bad Habits That Lead to Weight Gain

Bad Habits that Lead to Weight Gain

The weight loss process must include factors that go beyond eating – many other daily habits affect the success of weight loss, and if we do not control them, they can even cause additional weight gain.

Achieving optimal weight is a difficult task, and it requires many restrictions on both food and daily habits.

Eating before bed

The urge to eat something the night before bed is usually causing not by hunger but by habit. People who want to eat something sweet or high in calories need to understand that it causes weight gain.

Instead of eating before bed, set a time to eat during the day, and if you need a snack, eat fruit.

Bad sleep

If you go to bed late or sleep poorly at night, you may lose control of your food intake.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalances that prevent us from feeling full after eating, and therefore we tend to eat more.

Distraction from food

Eating while watching TV, using a mobile phone, computer, or another device is a big mistake.

According to a study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat and are distracted at the same time, consume 50% more calories.

In addition, it has been proven that those who are distracted from food feel less full and may feel the need to eat something again later.

Stress and anxiety

These two factors are the deadly enemies of weight loss and overall quality of life. Both are related to a phenomenon known as “eating after stress”, which causes you to eat more and enjoy unhealthy foods and sweets.

To combat it, it is important to try to get rid of stress, anxiety, and worry or minimize their manifestations. But when they are unavoidable, try drinking water or tea and eating fruit instead.

When you eat very fast

Today, many people do not realize that careful and slow chewing of food not only prevents weight gain but also helps digestion.

You should be spending at least 20 minutes consuming food without distracting and chewing it thoroughly.

Sedentary lifestyle

A passive lifestyle is one of the most common causes of obesity because people who do not exercise tend to eat more, store more fat, and limit physical activity.

It is extremely important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle for dietary reasons, it can also help prevent serious diseases in the long run.

Skipping breakfast

Whether it’s a lack of time in the morning or the belief that it can help them lose weight, people who skip breakfast cultivate a very bad habit that, believe it or not, can actually be the cause of weight gain.

It turns out that this first meal actually boosts metabolism and starts the day immediately with burning calories. A good breakfast combines complex carbohydrates with protein and healthy fats.

Consumption of excess salt

To control weight and health in general, it is not recommended to consume too much salt with food. This contributes to fluid retention and can affect blood pressure.

It is important to follow a low-sodium diet or replace salt with other spices to add flavor to dishes.

Insufficient fluid

When we do not drink enough fluids, the kidneys slow down and this allows toxins to accumulate in the body.

Experts recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day to avoid dehydration, prevent fluid retention and remove unwanted substances from the body.

You can also drink natural juices or tea.

However, the consumption of soft drinks and sugary drinks can contribute to weight gain, because they have a high concentration of sugar and other compounds.

Picture Credit: Pexels