Dr. Oz studies hCG weight loss

Picture credit: DoctorOz.com

Human Chronic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a kind of hormone has is secreted in the female body during pregnancy. It is secreted in the body to adequately supply of vital nutrients to for the foetus. People were of the belief, particularly in 1950s, that hCG can assist in the achievement of weight reduction. The belief was that hCG helps body in quick metabolism of fat. While the fat is burnt, the nutrients are compensated by the hormone. Thus, people can maintain external consumption of five hundred calories/day. Besides, appetite suppression is also one of the touted benefits of hCG.

Thankfully, now there is documented record due to the effort of Dr. Oz, who took hCG weight loss as his focus of study. First, he researched on the history to know about the past beliefs and then proceeded with his study, which revealed some interesting and noteworthy facts.

The first and very important fact is that most of the supplements available in the market with the claim of being constituted of hCG are not comprised of it in reality. Thus, people on those supplements gain no benefit out it. In fact, beneficial dosage of hCG can only be obtained when prescribed by doctor and is injected rather than popped into mouth.

However, as far as success of hCG weight loss is considered, nearly all the claims regarding its effect were found to be true, although there weren’t scientific evidence. Ironically, even the claim of appetite suppression was found to be valid.