Mono Meals And Mono Diets

Apple dietHow does a Mono Diet work?

Mono Diet is an excellent tool for cleaning the body and switching to a healthy diet. Thanks to it, you can lose a few pounds and strengthen the immune system. Mono diet is the use for several days of products of one kind. Mono diet allows the body to get rid of toxins. As a result, the skin is cleansed, the complexion improves. During a mono diet, you allow your digestive tract to relax, it is restored. But do not expect from it a miracle effect and getting rid of a dozen extra pounds. Mono diets should not be long, as this can harm the body. During the diet, you need to drink plenty of water.

Why can’t you abuse mono-foods?

It should be remembered that our body works as a system, and it constantly needs nutrients to support all functions. If he receives less, he starts taking from the reserves (internal organs and muscle tissue). Fat is the last one to whom the body “turn” for the necessary supplies. It is needed to maintain energy. There is another monotonous underwater stone. When the caloric content of the diet drops sharply, the metabolism slows down. Therefore, first the processes of losing weight go quickly, and then the body begins to save energy and slows down the metabolism. And everything that we eat, sends to the “bins”. And then every sweet adds extra fat to us. It turns out that all the victims and restrictions were in vain. And if you also take into account that the muscle mass from prolonged sitting on the diet has significantly decreased, then there is simply no energy left for physical activity. Hence, another third of the calories will go not to the muscles, but to the fat. And in a couple of months the picture will be completely disappointing, because the fat is bigger, the muscles are smaller, and each calorie is delayed in case of a hunger strike. So remember: a mono diet is effective when it does not become a diet for many weeks. A few days of mono diet is enough to cleanse the body and clean up.

Choosing a product for mono diet.

Nutritionists recommend choosing multicomponent products for a mono diet – those that contain fats, proteins and carbohydrates in more or less acceptable proportions. Hence, raw vegetables and fruits are not suitable for us, except for avocados, bananas, pears. A good product for mono diet are cereals. Eggs and meat are also a good option, but only if you do not have kidney problems. During a mono diet it is necessary to refuse from sugar and spices and salt. Three days – the maximum period for a mono diet. And do not forget to take multivitamins.

Now we turn to the classification of mono diets.

Protein: egg, chicken, fish, mushroom. Choose to your taste. The downside of protein mono diet is the lack of fiber, which can negatively affect the work of the intestine. Plus – you do not suffer from a lack of protein. Products should be divided into small portions, the last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime. Drink plenty of water, you can also drink tea and coffee without sugar. Mushroom diet is not recommended for those who have stomach problems.

Carbohydrate and milk diets: buckwheat, rice, oats, milk, curd. Buckwheat mono diet is considered to be one of the most balanced and safe. But eating steamed buckwheat without salt is not very tasty. Choose rice diet, if you do not have constipation. In the oat diet it is allowed to add a spoonful of honey to the cereal. The milk diet is very extreme, it can even cause hungry faints. Give preference to curd, it is more useful.

Vegetables and fruit: apple, banana, squash. Apple diet in its pure form can be dangerous, because a micronutrient deficiency is felt. But this is a good way of purification. In the banana diet, the main thing is not to overdo it, because they are caloric. Remember that unripe bananas provoke constipation. A squash diet is one of the useful ones, because it also eliminates swelling.

Image Credit : Meditations