Take Healthy Food and Lose Weight

You will most naturally be allured by the food you are not supposed to eat when you have undertaken to lose weight. This, compounded with rigorous exercise, can be seen followed by a number of people. But this does not make very good sense as some food help in reducing weight rather than increasing the same.

Do you know such foods as would make you lose the unnecessary pounds? The String cheese allures people. As the cheese comes packed individually, you can have your pick anytime from the refrigerator. While you may sit wondering if it would add pounds to your weight, you can stay assured that it has very low calorie because of mozzarella cheese. As it is that cheese is high in protein, it stays for quite good time to fight hunger, so you are full for longer period.

Peanut butter, too, is an excellent option as it has iron and fiber. This can also serve to stay for a long period when consumed. Whereas peanut butter is a seat of nutrients, the count of calorie peanut butter shows is quite low. It is still not known to many that 500 cal intake of peanut butter will speed up the metabolic rate by 11%. This proves out to be beneficial when no sugar is there.

Amazingly, pepper, too can help to lose weight. However strange it might sound, but foods which are spicy help to lose weight because of the capsaicin that it contains. It improves the metabolic activity. The spicy heat that is characteristic of pepper comes from this substance. There are categories of pepper as the red pepper, chili pepper, and the jalapenos. But the nutritional value can be found only where it has the characteristic spicy heat.

The popcorn that is air popped is effective in reducing weight. It should, however, be made clear that they are not the popcorns that you munch on in the movie halls. While the latter kinds are full with fat and oily substances, the former kind, the air popped ones, are good for health as they are fibrous. Popcorn benefits your health in containing polyphenols in the hulls which have anti oxidizing properties and hence melt the fat. It also wards off diseases.

Other than pepper, the other things that have been discussed about, all have common factors. You can feel full for a good long period once you take them. These can be taken with regular food but they have low calorie count. You might wish to maintain a chart for diet that should have fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein food. These are foods which will help you in losing weight.