The Best 8 Hair Removal Techniques

There are a lot of different methods how to make your skin smooth and hairless. What are women looking for? Duration of effect, painless and the relative cheapness of procedure! Unfortunately, it does not happen, ironically, you can get only two of the three desired effects…

Denote our “workspaces”: legs, bikini area, underarms, small “whiskers” on the upper lip, where hair is normal but sometimes unwished phenomena.

If you are too lazy for fighting with undesired hair or if it’s wintertime my advice is very easy: “Just let them grow! Be more natural”))).

Of course, if you are in romantic relationship or swimsuit season is coming then let’s find the best and the most appropriate for you approach.

1.    Shaving – the cheapest and the fastest way to cut off your hair from legs and underarms, but surely it doesn’t work with your face (chin, upper lip, eyebrows) and bikini zone.

Pros: The most pain-free classic technique, which is easily done by you at home with a razor (electric or straight) and means for skin care. It takes about 20 minutes and cost depends on which razor (5$ for straight and 111 for disposable razor per year) and what lotion, gel etc. you choose.

Cons: Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, red spots and itchy what can be especially problematic. Shaving does not remove hair at the root, nor does it disturb the follicle. It means effect is not permanent, lasting from a few hours to a few days. Use those razors gently, don’t cut yourself! It’s also question about having enough time to shave periodically. If you hurry on the work or don’t want to waste your time for shaving on vacation then try other options.

2.    Waxing – kind of hair removal in which the mass of creamy wax with a spatula or roller is applied to treatment site and removed after solidification by hands or special paper strips along with the hair.

Pros: It has semi-permanent effect: skin stays hair-free for about two-eight weeks post-removal. There are a lot of new kinds of wax (sticky honey treatment, soy-based compound etc.). You are able to do it by yourself at home or you can go to specialist in beauty center. It costs from about $10 for an upper lip, to $70 for upper and lower legs.

Cons: For first time you will feel “ouch” pain. Then hair will grow in thinner. So after a couple times it hurts a bit less. After the procedure, point irritation can appear (lasts from 1 hour to 1 day, depending on the sensitivity of the skin), as well as stubborn wax residues can be. Don’t forget about using additional means as body scrub after waxing for exfoliate your skin. For ideal waxing condition hair should be between ¼ inch and ¾ inch long.

3.    Sugaring is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, which runs by thick sugar paste. Natural caramel is applied to the skin area to be treated and removed together with the hairs. Sugaring can be carried out independently. To prepare the paste needs cane sugar, water and lemon juice. It seems very similar to waxing, but usually isn’t as painful because it doesn’t stick as much to the skin. And it’s super easy to do very large areas quickly, making the whole process even faster than waxing. Dermatologists recommend firstly try to do sugaring in a professional beauty salon and watch the work of a specialist. It’s hard to find good specialist, but still if you manage it, you will pay from 10 to 110$ depending on parts of body you needed to rid from hair.

4.    Tweezing is best used to remove hair on small areas of the face – such as the upper lip, chin, or eyebrows. Also it can be additional way to remove individual hairs after waxing or sugaring. It has an effect up to 6 weeks. Even so you have to spend hours for tweezing big area of your body. The average cost of a quality tweezer is $20-$40 at home and $10-$50 at beauty center.

5.    Depilatory prevents and slows down the growth of hair chemically. Chemical creams and lotions cleave hair structure, so they might be removed easily and painlessly. However, most problems occur with these substances. Many women face after depilation with strong allergic reactions and skin irritation. It takes five-ten minutes after wiping the product on, hair should gently break away from your skin. And works best on upper lip and bikini zone. Warning: don’t leave cream on too long you can hurt your delicate skin! If you’re able to stand the “amazing” smell of depilatory cream then you will get a pain-free and pretty cheap method to rid yourself of body hair. Depilatory hair removal products range from about $4 – $12.

6.    Epilation removes up to 90% of the hair in one motion, due to optimal arrangement of tweezers (even hairs as short as 0.5 millimeters!). Unlike shaver epilator removes hair from the root, so it grows thinner and narrower towards the tip. Epilator removes hair at the root, which means that your smooth results can last up to six weeks. You can use the epilator anywhere, you are not attached to the bathroom. Even greater freedom is guaranteed with wireless epilator, which works independently for 30-40 minutes after 1 hour charge! The device costs from 40 to 220$. Do you know that the life of the epilator to 6 years? Therefore, despite the initial investment, hair removal does not require additional investment to buy new razor blades or cream.

7.    Laser removal is a method of radical removing hair with the destruction of the hair follicles by means of laser radiation. Laser hair removal does not leave micro scars on the skin. After the first procedure you will get a perfect smooth skin effect, to two or three months on the body and one and a half month on the face. Exposure to laser beam is accompanied by a cooling flow, so the procedure is virtually painless laser hair removal. Lack of discomfort makes laser hair removal treatment of such an ideal method traditionally painful areas as the area above the upper lip, underarms, intimate zone. Therefore, to fully get rid of unwanted hair need an average of 5 sessions of laser hair removal are carried out with an interval of 1-2 months. But as a rule, after the first procedure is a significant thinning hair remaining hair becomes thinner and less noticeable. Laser hair removal cannot be carried out at a tanned skin. Due to the lack of melanin in natural blondes and redheads laser hair removal is ineffective. Perfect condition is dark hair with light skin. The cost runs between $150 and $500, or sometimes more depending on how many treatments are needed.

8.    Electrolysis is usually permanent, but may cause some pain and the effect is not achieved immediately . Electrolysis uses a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle until it reaches the cells responsible for hair growth and destroys them.  The result depends on many factors: the size of the area being treated , the curvature of the hair follicle , the level of sensitivity of the skin and hormonal balance. Pain threshold is different. Some feel a little pain, while others may feel excessive pain, to endure that is not valid. It’s difficult to use in large areas. Not recommended for large areas such as legs, back and bikini area. Many people suffer from redness at the site after treatment, which disappear within a week after the procedure. Electrolysis can cause tiny scars where the needle is inserted.This is not a one-time procedure, perhaps you may have to repeat it several times. Moreover it’s pricey (about $60 a session and you may need from 15 to 30 sessions or more!). Make sure you go to licensed electrologist. And don’t fall for any discounts. Now just imagine how much time and how much money does it take?

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