Common breakfast errors responsible for increased body weight

Common breakfast errors responsible for increased body weightIt cannot be denied that the moment you eat your breakfast, there is a series of metabolic activities which activate instantly inside the body. So before having your breakfast it is essential that you begin the day with healthy and nutritious food in order to prevent formation of fat inside your body. But people often commit some common mistakes while preparing their breakfast menus. These can be easily avoided on strictly following the prescribed guidelines of dieticians and health experts. Avoiding morning breakfast may seem an alternative way of weight loss but on the contrary it is the main reason for fat formation.

Scientists in the Imperial College of London have discovered that people without having their breakfast are much easily tempted to the sight of fat rich foods when they steeped out from their homes. Their brain cannot resist the temptation of testing such foods due to increased appetite. In this way they ultimately compensate their lost calories that they shed in the morning. On continuing this trend such people will ultimately have big belly which is very difficult to shed following any weight loss program. To avoid this embarrassing situation it is advisable that such people must have something in the breakfast. Skipping breakfast will not do anything good in terms of weight loss.

People who are busy must always keep healthy items like fruits and energy supplements to reduce their increased appetite for fatty foods. It is a good idea to start the day with natural blueberry with a cup of coffee. But avoid bakery muffins for it contains higher levels of sugar than that required by the body. As per the findings of a leading health association of USA women must not add sugar beyond the prescribed level of twenty four grams. When it comes to weight loss, there is no point of complete omission of sugar from your breakfast menu. There is no harm if you mix your oatmeal with dark chocolate. Even you can include fruits in this preparation also. Another healthy breakfast option is adding of almond butter or avocado in the toast slices.

You will be surprised to know that only eight percent of people in US consume the appropriate breakfast foods and this finding has also been published in a leading health journal of the country. As a result, in spite of including numerous items in your breakfast you commit the mistakes as you do not have the idea which one is suitable for your health. Always try to eat fresh fruits in your breakfast which can be further supplemented with vegetable included with omelet.

It is better to eat more in the breakfast time and less in the dinner time. This study has been supported by a group of Israeli scientists. They have conducted this experiment on fat women. As per their studies it have been found that such women who take much food during breakfast and less in the dinner they have the bright chance of weight loss to a significant extent.  The ultimate lesson is that if your working hour is normal then weight loss is not a difficult task.

Image credit: Natalia Klenova