Four Unconventional Ways Of Weight Loss Without Exercise

Weight Loss Tips: Four Unconventional Ways Of Weight Loss Without ExerciseThe longing for simplistic and easy to follow weight loss methods take people from strictest of diets to exhausting exercise routines. There isn’t a shortcut method as weight gain takes place through a continuous period of time. Similarly, weight loss is achieved by putting in efforts for a certain period of time. Not to worry when there is a will, there is a way. Some tactics suggested by experts can take the stress out of spending hours in exercise or following strict diets. Apart from eating judiciously and moving consistently, the mentioned below steps may bring rich dividends. None of the mentioned below activities involve exercising or diet following:

Getting proper sleep

There is hardly a substitute to a peaceful sleep which has numerous health benefits. It is known to reduce stress and promote health depending upon duration and quality of sleep. According to a study in 2013, deprivation of sleep leads to changes inside brain related to addictive behavior. People suffering from such condition tend to eat due to pleasure and not hunger. Adequate sleep results in improvement in weight loss efforts. Thus, sleep could make it much simpler to manage weight loss.

Making trustworthy friends

Positive feedback of weight losing efforts may have an impact. According to a journal, many women managed to maintain their normal weight and even lose some weight after listening words of acceptance regarding their size. Similarly, those women who met with criticism regarding their weight ended up gaining more weight on average. Being a social animal, whatever people think about each other has an impact.

When a person spends quality time with colleagues, family members and friends   who are constantly criticizing him or her about their size, the negativity enters their mind, suggests a study. Consequently, it is better to be with a company who accepts a person the  way they are. It is better to be aware of half hearted compliments one gets regarding their appearance. One should immediately get rid of these people.

Having almonds and plenty of water

The weight losing efforts are hugely supported by both water and almonds. According to a study in 2013, consumption of almonds regularly may curb the appetite. Eating up a handful on regular basis provides rich supply of antioxidants into the body. On similar lines, water can make the stomach feel full and also prevent eating extra meals unnecessarily for pleasure. One glass full of water prior to meal and drinking throughout the whole day is more than handy. Weight loss isn’t limited to exercise and diet, but for positive changes there is a need to reshape certain moments of life.

Putting a fruit bowl visible 

The decision people make on food choices keep on evolving throughout a day. As a result, it is not possible to be conscious of every choice. Changing the surroundings and environment could be easier. According to a research outcome, people having fruit bowl placed nearby within their surroundings ended up cutting down up to eight pounds . More often, the presence of fruits near to hand and eye enables people to eat well.

Image credit: Stuart Miles