Have Your Fill during the Holiday Season without Gaining Weight

Have Your Fill during the Holiday Season without Gaining WeightIt is that time of the year when you tuck into goodies and treat your taste buds to sumptuous delicacies as you watch the lard build up around your abdomen and thighs. Most of us are caught in a strenuous tug of war between gluttonising and attempting to keep fit and trim. And quite predictably, at the end of the holiday season, again a large majority of holidaymakers and revellers are left grousing about having added pounds.

This generalization might tempt you to ask-“Can’t I have my fill without gaining weight?” The answer to the question would of course be yes-you can keep yourself from putting on extra kilos but it’d come at a cost as there can’t any gain without giving up something. If you undertake any weight-loss program, bear in mind that the key to prevent yourself from getting overly obese is to always eat in moderation. Another effective way to prevent the lard from accumulating round your belly would be to workout regularly.

Avoid Junk Foods As Much As You Can

The more delectable the pastry or the cookie or the croissant is, the unhealthier it is likely to be. Delicacies and treats that are categorised as junk food have an unusually high calorific content and you’d be much better taking them in moderation or avoiding them altogether if you can. Many health conscious individuals who stick to a weight-loss regimen with missionary zeal overindulge only to follow it up with performing strenuous cardiovascular or strength building exercises.

This strategy which is usually termed as junk foods cleansing is a tad too drastic method of demonstrating the significance of moderation. If you like gormandising (and that’s okay during the festive season), then go for food items that are nutritious and have been cooked or fried in minimal quantity of oils. In other words treat yourself to chicken roasts, vegetable sandwiches, fruit juices, chicken soups, and the like.

Keep Track of the Calorific Content of Foods That You Consume

Talking about consuming foods by exercising a fair degree of self-control, it is always easier said than done. Exercising restraint, especially during the celebratory period can be a tall order regardless of whatever weight-loss experts have to recommend. What you can do on your end is to keep an eye on the amount of calories you’re ingesting with every meal. The calorific content of processed food items are clearly mentioned on the pack and as for homemade fare, you can easily find out the calorific value of the ingredients by going online. No matter whatever you consume all through the day, see to it that you don’t take in more than 1800 calories on a daily basis.

Image source: Andriy Popov