Making sense of weight loss myths

Making sense of weight loss mythsIn today’s diet and nutrition world ‘everyone’s an expert’, yet little to no valid or accurate dietary information is commonly given. It’s important to not only take into consideration adequate scientific research and professional perspectives, but also to use your own judgment. Let’s review a few common weight loss myths and evaluate them to make sense of their total potential.

Many people, and “”professionals””, might recommend skipping meals, or ‘fasting’ to be successful at weight loss. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also be detrimental to your health. Just as when you skip meals, if you’re fasting, you deplete your body of essential nutrients, minerals, and chemicals such as sodium or glucose for example. No one-food based diet should be taken seriously. Rather, only take such weight loss ideas with a ‘grain of salt’, as they are typically invalid. Unfortunately, skipping meals will not only deplete you of energy, but skipping certain (essential Pyramid) based food groups can also lead to a compromised immune system, unwanted weight gain, unsafe weight loss, and an overall unhappier you. Always consult with credible professionals and resources provided by individuals whom have verifiable achieved education, experience, and have expertise in areas such as diet, nutrition, and physical exercise.

Lot’s of people have tried, and even claimed at times to be effective, cutting out fats and carbs from their diets to promote weight loss. While this can very well enact weight loss in your body, it is not necessarily a safe way of doing so. Ultimately, this can also lead to you later on binging and gaining back all of the weight, sickness, and even can become fatal as you starve yourself of necessary fats and carbohydrates. That is, due to our body relying heavily on such nutrients and chemicals for proper functioning, as well as always relying on carbs or fat as energy throughout your day. This statement and fact can be traced back to the reality of why it’s important to never skip meals, use heavy discretion with methods of ‘fasting’, and to never deprive yourself of a full, healthy breakfast first thing everyday in efforts to effectively achieve weight loss. Your body uses, especially from breakfast, the carbohydrates, sugars, and salts that you consume to power your energy for the day!

Lastly, it’s impractical to pursue dieting without an adequate exercise routine. That is, as too much consumption of carbs, salts, or even protein for example can cause unwanted weight gain and even create illnesses or diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses connected to obesity.

Always be mindful of any ‘advice’ you receive on the internet or even at the gym, and understand that it’s just that—an open public forum where people can give all sorts of information or provide facts, solutions to successful weight loss, and even instant (“magic) dieting pills which commonly are unhealthy for you. Your research is as important as your health, so eat, think, and be smart!

Image credit: wavebreakmediamicro