The INSIDER on weight gain, weight loss, and your inner you

The INSIDER on weight gain, weight loss, and your inner youPeople continue to want to lose weight, unfortunately more commonly than those looking to ‘bulk up’ or gain weight—, hopefully in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers researching or just getting into dieting and fitness miss a few, not always obvious, factors that will weigh heavily on your progress and desired weight gain or loss, —and of course muscle development. In the end, it takes a lot of work to be healthier, for most, because they are not yet conditioned to, or were ever taught the more natural, healthier routes and decisions in preparing and consuming foods. This could be seen as both a cultural challenge, as well as societal impression that encourages, well let’s just say, less than desirable eating habits.

Why stress is significant..

Researchers at the University of Delaware recently discovered that the hormones in our bodies altered and directly impacted by stress play a direct role on our eating habits, metabolism, and overall ability to gain—but in many more cases, lose weight. Specifically, stress directly interacts with our hunger hormones in many instances, and can lead to unwanted weight gain and as outlined below unhealthy eating habits habitually. Unfortunately, often people will rely heavily on eating out of depression, boredom, feeling anxious, helpless, or otherwise not feeling like the time to do something more productive or healthy is possible. Sometimes, just taking 30 minutes from your day to go for a walk or run, or even crank out a few push-ups, can make all the difference for you and an effective weight lost routine!

Careful on the Red Meats!

Would you believe that eating too much red meat can cause unwanted weight gain? Recent research conducted by Donald McClain, director of the Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism at Wake Forest School of Medicine, found that red meat in excess not only slows down the metabolism, but also alters hunger hormones in a negative way, specifically, in depriving one of leptin, a hunger suppressing natural hormone in our body. Try to keep your red meat consumption under 1lb per week if you feel like this could be a potential factor directly interfering with or preventing effective weight loss.

DNA and Gross Advertising…

In recent studies, research at York University in Toronto found that everyday individuals whom consume even their first 100 calories of the day are, arguably and comparably suffering much more from unwanted fat and weight gain than those of our ancestors. However, arguably, it’s still up in the air whether or not this I the changed chemicals and components of the foods we are most often exposed, encouraged, or otherwise advertised to eat now a days for convenience or a ‘quick healthy’ meal, so don’t go blaming your great great grandparents just yet! At the end of the day, you are responsible for you, and what you put into your body. Try to make it a point to always read labels, and if possible, calculate by journaling your daily caloric, fat, protein, and even sodium intake to determine whether or not you are on the most practical route for effective and successful weight gain or weight loss.