Practise weight management and enjoy a longer life

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While people who are obese try all possible methods to lose weight, they often concludes being unsuccessful in their attempts. This happens because they either tend to deviate from their routine mid-way or they fail to make up a proper workout schedule for the same. It has often been noticed that people who are obese go for a diet control. While diet is a significant aspect that determines both health and physique of an individual, most of the people who are obese, exhibit the tendency to avoid exercise, and it is needless to mention that exercise forms a major part of weight management.

BMI is an important aspect that determines both the health and the physique of an individual, but it is also important to keep in mind that people having very good BMI can also have their lives cut short if they do not engage in doing proper exercises. Indeed, WHO believes that a person can have his life elongated when he exercises 150 times each week at lowest. People who are obese, but in the habit of exercising, can actually enjoy a healthier and a longer lifespan than the people who have standard BMI and do not exercise.

Whereas diet is an important aspect of health, it is becomes ineffective when not accompanied by a proper workout schedule. Exercise when, followed up in accordance with a proper schedule becomes effective, but when not practised regularly, cannot show encouraging results.

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  1. Weight Loss affects positively BMI which is very important to measure your health level. Dieting is important, but I think switching to the healthier food, Physical exercising, healthier stress free leaving help to lower BMI.

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