Weight Loss within Workplace

Putting on pounds after working for 8 hours or more in the office every day has become a common factor in most people’s lives. However, a weight loss competition in the office certainly can help colleagues to take proper care of their health and fitness. In order to motivate colleagues incentives can be offered for people who lose pounds the most.

The weight loss competition within an office can be fun and exciting as one gets the support of whole group of people as they are facing the same struggles. Group workouts can be arranged before work, after work or at lunch. Weight training and cardio can be mixed to enhance calorie burn and improve health. Scheduling regular workouts will keep every employee fit and concentrate more on their work.

Eating habits contribute a lot towards weight gain and it is vital to take precautionary measures to stop unhealthy eating. A dietician can be hired to recommend the best diet to a group. The weight loss idea can be given the right direction by selecting foods not high in calories. Sugar should be avoided and fruits, vegetables should be included in the diet.

A small change in lifestyle can increase calorie burn. Employees should be reminded to use the stairs as more calories can be burned. Taking a break from work and walking a short distance within the premises or outside can be quite useful. Through strong determination and willingness losing weight becomes quite an easy task.

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  1. For employers, the cost of obesity entails higher medical claims expenses for obesity and its accompanying chronic conditions, increases in short- and long-term disability expenses, increased absenteeism, and lower productivity

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