Simplest weight losing habits which fit into a hectic day

Simplest weight losing habits which fit into a hectic day Losing weight in a healthier way is a long term commitment for overweight people. There is no need for additional minutes for extra movement or dietary eating in a day. Some smart and simple strategies followed regularly will lead to weight loss. People may take a cue from the below mentioned habits to lose weight easily and in a healthier way.

Never skip meals

Eating less for weight loss doesn’t need skipping meals unnecessarily. Experts believe that busy people can space out their calorie requirements through the whole day. Four to five hours of time spent without any food slows the metabolism. It influences insulin levels and hormones leading to make unhealthy food preferences while sitting down for eating.

Get rid of everything or nothing habit

Experts reveal how some people tend to adopt extreme measures for weight loss. They think about spending an hour at gym or consuming a diet rich of superfoods and hummus. After failing to achieve a certain level of fitness they start giving up. Rather these people should consider their each decision to pursue something healthy.

Add more movement into routine

Setting aside some time to exercise is fine but calories can be also burned by breaking recommended minutes into parts. According to experts, ten minutes at the morning, lunch and night for five days per week is also fine. Fitting more exercise into the day on regular basis is likely to help in weight loss.

Eat less but healthy

To shed extra kilos in a healthy manner, the calorie intake should be 1200 to 1500 per day. It is achievable by eating small but only healthy portions. Skipping desserts and consumption of proper portion sizes will be helpful in the long run.

Stand as much as possible

Converting most of the sitting time to standing time helps in burning more calories. Too much of sedentary behaviour isn’t good for brain, heart and ultimately the waistline. Sometimes it is not possible to stand while performing certain tasks. However, making a habit of standing whenever possible throughout the whole day is likely to help.

Make food choices wisely   

Considering the food choices and making changes accordingly helps in weight loss. Little steps like giving up cheesy layer of Hamburger and switching to mayonnaise instead of honey mustard can do their bit.

Have enough of sleep

Don’t be anxious to lose weight by staying awake late or getting up early. Not getting enough of sleep will only foil the efforts of losing weight. Those aiming to cut down on weight by more movement and less eating achieve the best results with proper sleep.

Intensity rich workouts will help

Instead of spending hours at the gym, a 15-20 minutes of high intensity exercise burns much more calories. Walking, running, cycling and any kind of cardio tool is likely to help.

Lead an active lifestyle

On the weekends, instead of spending free time with your friends, spend quality time by playing with family members. Keep the heart’s rate up by playing with kids and witness the benefits after a certain period of time.

Deal with stress in a proper way

Stress places a massive influence upon food intake, appetite, waist line and the way body process calories. Without underestimating, confront stressful situations to free the mind from uncertainties and anxieties.

Image credit: Marek Uliasz