Weight Loss Tips For Over 60’s

Weight Loss Tips For Over 60'sAchieving a lean frame after reaching sixty years of age is no cakewalk. Life is relatively easier after reaching that age. People are more comfortable with themselves with certain clarity. It encourages them to pursue things from a wider perspective as opposed to a laid back approach. However, it is quite challenging to integrate exercise, weight loss and healthy eating in similar fashion.

At sixty, getting rid of extra weight would resemble a herculean task. The stiff back prevents you from getting away from bed and go to the gym. Similarly, a hectic schedule may keep you from running and similar activities to shed the extra kilos. Experts believe that excess fat shouldn’t be ignored irrespective of reaching a certain age. Discussed below are tips suggested by experts to concentrate on cutting the kilos for a better health:

Focus more on losing the extra fats:

Old age is not the suitable period of losing bone mass, organ tissue or muscle. Experts believe that investing in body fat measuring tool or something to measure the waist size may be fine. According to the general rule, waist size shouldn’t be over 32 inches for a 5 feet and 4 inches woman.

Increasing the consumption of protein:

To ensure weight loss, older adults may require more protein. According to dietitians, it requires complete focus on the consumption of lean protein. A research study conducted by university of Arkansas revealed that increase in protein consumption may help old adults to grow muscles. Sufficient levels of protein can work wonders at times in supporting muscle repair and growth.

Strength training may be added to daily routine:

Muscle mass goes down with age and low muscular mass may be equivalent to slow metabolism. It is enough to reveal why you can put on weight quickly. Lifting weight has myriad of benefits and it doesn’t signify consistent sessions of weight training. Start off gradually and give the body some time to adapt to joint or muscular strain. However, don’t be merely satisfied with simple resistance training programs.

Consume the right quantity of water:

Those aiming for weight loss need to follow this tip to also boost their entire health. With aging, the hypothalamus turns out to be desensitized which may dull the thirst signals, say experts. Water is the main component for metabolism and digestion. Thus, it is significant to drink suitable quantity of water throughout a day.

Change the reckless attitude:

Experts believe that weight loss is achievable by having the right mindset to sacrifice recklessness. There is no point in paying attention to sayings like weigh gain is a part of aging process, many people in my age group are fat, etc. It is very important to be with like-minded company with similar fitness goals. Many psychological things combine to prevent us from fulfilling our goals.

Stretch yourself:

Plenty of flexibility also offers plenty of enjoyment while pursuing physical activities. Simple stretches each day or even yoga classes would ensure an active lifestyle. Pains and aches may gradually vanish and bodily flexibility can stay intact.

Have patience:

Reaching a healthy weight is relatively easier at 20’s compared to the 60’s. Pushing yourself to the direction of weight loss through workouts should be a challenge. One should remain focused on healthy behaviors to achieve a goal. Experts believe that nothing is achievable by expressing frustrations through repetitive failures.

Image credit:  Kurhan