Things Women Need To Know On Their Weight Loss Journey

Things Women Need To Know On Their Weight Loss JourneyFor women interested in weight loss, lowering sugar intake, drinking more water and extra vegetable consumption is not the only answer.  Weight losing means a journey which is full of challenges. These are known to test their emotional, psychological and physical adaptability. Listed below are some of the aspects of weight loss which shouldn’t be overlooked:

Get ready to face strong setbacks

The entire journey of losing weight is a quite a bumpy or roller coaster ride. Make sure you aren’t discouraged in your mission as it’s just a part of this journey undertaken. It may challenge your sanity through various emotional and psychological blows. Don’t feel guilty after gaining a few kilos in the process.  If people close to you are criticizing you, don’t take it as guilt on your part. Such highs and lows are more often unavoidable.

People may act judgmental in certain cases

During the journey, you’d come across people intending to help out. They will share their perspective of less eating and more exercising to ensure weight loss.  Some of them may suggest taking a balanced approach while other would emphasize willpower. At the same time, you may also face people who’d really feel insecure by your achievements. They’ll encourage you to continue with eating irrespective of consequences. Never fall into the trap of their temptation and question yourself to be consistent throughout the journey.

Get as much sleep as possible

There is no substitute to sleep and deprivation is likely to hinder the loss of fats. Research outcomes have revealed a connection between sleep deprivation and overeating or fast food cravings. With enough sleep, it is possible to reduce the cravings of calorie rich foods. The much desired lean body mass is only achievable by sufficient amount of sleep. It would be relatively easy to stick to a balanced and healthy diet.

Weight fluctuations are normal

Though the entire journey, weight fluctuations are not something to panic about. You will end up gaining a few kilos, and in some instances you’ll also lose weight. Research outcomes have revealed how serotonin levels drop down prior to menstruation. Through hormones and similar bodily reactions, weight fluctuations would take place. The body shields us more during weight loss as against weight gaining. You’ll hit lows and the feeling of failure may creep inside the mind. Keep going until you reach the desired goals.

Don’t be too hard on yourself     

Losing weight doesn’t give you the license to put yourself through inhumanly torture. Don’t criticize your hard-to-go old habits or present efforts and avoid negative self-talking. There is no point in resorting to extra restrictive dietary approach which may later appear like self punishment. Stop feeling guilty and have more compassion for yourself throughout the weight loss journey. Self love, self acceptance and self compassion are likely to motivate you towards your goals.

Check out your equation with food

Invest some time to check out the equation with different food options. Try to think beyond typical food preferences and calories. Food cravings are largely impacted by a low or high feeling. Beware of consuming chocolates and similar snacks throughout the day. Be ready to face and resolve all the issues burdening your mind unnecessarily which triggered overeating tendencies.

Image credit: Zdenka Darula