3D fitness device for accurate weight loss measurements

3D fitness device for accurate weight loss measurements Many people have personal fitness goals and finding motivation could be tough without monitoring real results. Marc Lesser, a New York resident had a personal accident in his life. The 45 year old man developed bad habits and his fitness motivation went for a toss. Lesser in his discussion to a new channel said that people get back to their previous routine and let things take place naturally.

The weighing scale often shows disappointing results and some experts have an opinion. According to them, the scale may deceive people and is detrimental to all those who aim to achieve their fitness goals. For instance, one may gain few pounds due to increase in muscle mass that weighs above the fats.

California based Fit3D in Redwood City, developed a weight loss assessment tool which can be more than handy. This 3D Proscanner fitness device provides a complete body scan to the users and body’s circumference measurements. It includes biceps, chest, waist and 360° body image avatar.

Marc Cohen of BFX Studio in New York uses the same device for its members. There is a platform to stand which turns slowly and a camera captures 400 pictures of the user. Afterwards, it resembles the images digitally to create an avatar and show accurate measurements, says Cohen, program director of this studio.

The 3D version of the user is ready within a minute and emailed with measurements. Additional details on the same are available in a password shielded set up of the website. The user can access them to make comparisons with past scans. It is a private data but users have the option of sharing these reports with personal doctor or trainer.

According to Lesser, the body won’t lie while looking at Fit3D device. It reveals the changes which occurred in chest, arms, hips, waist and thighs. This information is used by trainers to show their clients about the progress and changes with their personal workout regimen. It also helps them to find out the areas to be more focused. This is to create a better personalized exercise program for these clients.

Derek Stratton points out that it is possible to look at the body parts to focus. According to the trainer from BFX Studio, the measurable results give a better idea of numbers to find the real difference. Cohen has made recommendations for taking a fresh scan after 30 days to form long term and short term goals to all the members.

According to Cohen, most people would like to ensure that the hard work being put into has positive effects. The proscanner is a suitable assessment tool to find out instantly about the success and things to work out more. Lesser discovered of losing 20 pounds after monitoring his progress for five months. He points out that the experience was unlike getting on the weighing scale regularly as in the past. The change was visible to him on weekly basis by checking the results on Fit3D.

Image credit: fit3d.com