Reasons for Avocado being the suitable food for weight management

Reasons for Avocado being the suitable food for weight managementAvocado has several health benefits and among the most popular ones is weight loss.  The single seed containing berry native of Mexico contains 29g fats and 322 calories. Mono-saturated fat concentration of the fruit is 20g each berry which the researchers believe makes it special. It has a proven capacity to reduce cholesterol, put an end to hunger tendencies and spot reduces belly fats. All these things make it the right kind of food for people looking for weight loss. The other benefits are listed below:

Check cholesterol levels and lowers heart disease risk

Apples are quite clichéd out choice. According to the researchers, it is avocado that can keep your doctor away. It is known to check the cholesterol levels and keep them at bay. A study conducted by an American medical journal observed 45 overweight individuals kept on three different types of diet. One of them was low fats diet offering 24% of calories out of which 11 came from mono-saturated fats. There wasn’t any avocado included in this. The second one was also avocado-less diet with 34% calories out of which 17% was from mono-saturated fats. Third one was moderately fat diet consisting 34% calories with an avocado each day. The LDL content reduced up to 13.5 mg in the avocado consumers. This LDL was measured as ow on the non avocado moderately fat diet at 8.3 mg. Thus, the mono-saturated fat content in avocado lowers elevated cholesterol.

Reduces the belly fats

According to the researchers, switching over to avocado oils with high mono-saturated and oleic fatty acids may spot reduce the belly fats facilitating weight loss. It lowers the metabolic syndrome risk. A study revealed that people consuming 40g high oleic acids for only four weeks regularly were successful in lowering belly fat by up to 1.6%. Another study conducted by a journal revealed that mono-saturated fat diet regulates the expression of some fat genes which prevents bodily fat distribution on the belly.

Nutrient booster and radical neutralizer

Vitamin rich low calorie diet with all the significant nutrients can reduce the waist size. There is no benefit in consuming garden salad with no fats. Adding those found in avocado’s are best in terms of weight loss. Antioxidants of vegetables and fresh fruits help in neutralizing certain free radicals. They are unable to reach mitochondria and the metabolism run less efficient when it isn’t working. According to a study, mono-saturated high oil extracted out of this fruit   helps the mitochondria to fight the attack.

Satiety benefits and gateway drug

A survey conducted by CDC published results in a journal which said that consuming half portion of a medium sized avocado is suitable for weight loss.  On a regular basis, this improved the entire diet quality, reducing metabolism syndrome risk by 50%. Avocado consumption is also known to decrease the desire to consume foods unnecessarily. Thus, avocado consumption habit leads to a new healthy lifestyle.

Sweet stabilizer and calorie maintaining benefits

Necessary for a proper weight management, avocado provides enough vitamins, phyto-nutrients and minerals. It is also a source of Vitamin K responsible for regulating insulin sensitivity and sugar metabolism.

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