Being a vegetarian aids in weight loss journey, says study

Being a vegetarian aids in weight loss journey, says study People looking for an out and out zero sized figure may settle for a vegan diet. It must be devoid of animal products in order to get the desired outcome. According to a study, this approach is better than typical weight loss planning people often stumble upon. One of the researchers of a Taiwanese hospital advocates a vegan diet over non vegan as more effective for losing weight.

The research study on this subject involved the analysis of various diet trials. As many as 12 different diets were tried and tested which included the participation of 1151 dieters. These people maintained a recommended diet routine for a period of 9 to 74 weeks.

Results showed that people belonging to vegetarian groups lost more weight which is almost 2.02 kg. It is greater compared to dieters consuming flesh and other non-veg food products.  Participants from vegan diet group lost more weight compared to their non-vegetarian counterparts. They managed to cut down 2.52 kg of extra weight compared to those primarily on animal diet. The vegetarians consuming dairy items and eggs also lost almost 1.48 kg more compared to non-vegans.

Researcher Huang from Taiwanese hospital has a take on this matter. He believes that ample intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains may bring favorable results to those seeking weight loss in vegan diet. Both vegetables and whole grain food products contain lower glycaemic index values. As a result, they would hardly cause the blood sugar level to soar up. Similarly, fruits contain a huge dose of anti-oxidants, fiber, protective chemicals and minerals which are naturally occurring in plants. The whole grain food product also contains soluble fiber. All of these good fibers helps in delaying the total speed through which food moves away from stomach and facilitates good digestion.

According to researchers, individuals following vegan diet with low calories can shed kilos more conveniently and in greater amount. However, it’s not the same with people who don’t care about such limitations as per eating habits. All of the aforementioned findings have got a place on a medicine journal.

Image credit: vanilladesign