Weight loss may be triggered by anticipation of events and incidents

Weight loss may be triggered by anticipation of events and incidentsA nutrition journal published by University of Colorado throws light on weight loss from a different angle. It indicates that success in many cases was preceded by a critical incident or even trigger event. It ranges from medical to emotional or even significant life events such as marriage and divorce. Some of the commonest trigger events which help in maintaining weight loss are discussed below:

Medical diagnosis

A wide range of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, hyper tension, fatigue and lower back pain are good examples. The person aims to change ingrained behavior in order to prevent serious health consequences. Awareness of a friend’s blood pressure condition or diabetes may be a strong teachable moment. It can lead to making significant changes in consumption and exercise patterns. At the same time, it may work as a motivator leading to coming up with a long term strategy.

Life altering or special event

Divorce, wedding, birthday and anniversary are events which can also motivate a person to lose weight. Even simple gatherings like college graduation and school reunion may trigger a desired determination for losing weight. The person remains motivated for a long time with a goal clear in mind. Experts believe that maintaining motivation after goal accomplishment can be challenging. Prior planning to have a constant motivator beyond the main event can work wonders. It must not involve behaviors which are temporary in nature.

Competitions and success

Family members and friends may decide upon losing weight. There may be a possible weight loss competition among professional colleagues. Watching people succeed at shedding kilos may also trigger weight loss. All of these may appear convincing after a certain period of time which can also serve as a motivator. One may be motivated by watching the success of others and competitions could be really helpful. Make sure you’re following their examples and not imitating them completely in your actual efforts. Find out more about exercises and diet which will work in your favor.

Diet pusher

Sometimes a friend or family member may push into losing weight. Consequently, the person may decide to give his or her best attempt to weight loss. It may lead to fiction at times and even resentment with the so called diet police or pusher. Sitting down with friends and family members and discussing the entire thing helps in reaching a conclusion. Make sure that closed ones would be supporting your weight loss goals and objectives.


Being unfit in old pants or hearing a friend commenting upon your weight may work out. A badly clicked photo or even watching yourself on mirror can make your appear heavy. The desire for better looks and ability to fit easily into stylish clothes may also work as motivator.  However, no distraction may come on the way and the willpower of resisting the tempting foods must be there.


Last but never the least, certain emotional experiences may act as stepping stones. Charged for double seats in airline or overhearing a colleague referring you as fat can motivate a person to cut down weight. Humiliation can be usually long lasting but a realistic approach to the problem is the right solution.

Image credit: Tony Northrup