Fasting to Lose Weight: Advantages & Disadvantages

Fasting to Lose Weight: Advantages & DisadvantagesAny person wants to look good. And although beauty is not measured by the centimeters of the waist, the problem of excess weight is on the first place in the list of desired changes. You can reduce body weight by doing sports, leading an active lifestyle and eating well. This is a long and time-consuming process, requiring self-control and patience. Wait for tangible results is not all. And here the method of starvation comes to the rescue. But is it safe to lose weight?
Most often, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity resort to a sharp restriction of food. Usually the loss of extra pounds is associated with the need to climb into your favorite dress or travel to warmer places, where you can show off in a swimsuit. And here the effect, as they say, is obvious: for a short period of time (2-3 days), the scales arrow quickly shifts to the desired numbers. But what happens then?

“Neither satiation, nor hunger and nothing else is good if it transcends the measure of nature” (Hippocrates)

And the famous Greek healer is absolutely right. Do not tempt fate and make your body work under stress. This is fraught with the appearance of various dangerous pathologies.

What is fasting?

First of all, it is abstinence from eating the food necessary for life. In this way, many people want to adjust the figure due to the rejection of fats and carbohydrates. But besides the elements of the diet, which are harmful for the constitution, the supply of useful substances also stops.

Appetite is the normal reaction of our body, indicating the need to replenish the energy reserve wasted for a certain period of time. And the long absence of nutrients in the diet will cause stress in all body systems.

Harm to voluntary refusal to eat
In most cases, prolonged starvation causes significant damage to health. Nutritionists do not recommend this method of weight loss because of the occurrence of a large number of side pathologies.

  • Lack of useful micronutrients. The first bells that you have a deficiency of the necessary substances – hair loss, foliation of nails, deterioration of the skin.
  • Exacerbation of chronic ailments. Especially relevant is the problem for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, ulcer, pancreatitis).
  • Decreased immunity. The protection of the body largely depends on the intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, fasting often becomes a factor that provokes the emergence of various infectious diseases.

In addition, the restriction of the diet becomes a strong stress, and the body tries to switch to economy mode. Therefore, after the end of fasting, the lost pounds quickly return. Also, do not forget about the decline in efficiency. It is unlikely that a person will work fruitfully, constantly experiencing hunger and feeling a breakdown.

It must be said that fasting does have its own merits. But to notice them it is possible only at the correct approach to such way of disposal of excess weight of a body.

Pros of temporary food restriction
The most famous option for proper starvation is fasting. Practically in any religion there is a ban on the intake of certain types of food, but such restrictions are temporary and contribute to the purification of the body. So when does such a technique work without damage to health?

  1. Fasting day. After the holidays, when the table is bursting with tasty, but unprofitable products, a small restriction will only benefit. It is necessary to give time to the digestive system to remove the remnants of food after overeating.
  2. Healing procedures. Strict control of the composition of the menu and the amount of food consumed is part of many therapeutic methods of suppressing sources of diseases. Use fasting to combat illnesses can only be done after consulting with specialized specialists.
  3. Removal of toxins. It’s no secret that during strict restriction of nutrition, the body gets rid of unnecessary substances. This method of self-purification is indicated for allergy sufferers with bronchial asthma, eczema, gout and pancreatitis.

In any case, before starting a fast, you need to undergo a medical examination. As an absolute contraindication to the use of the technique of correction of the figure are diabetes, urolithic and gallstone diseases, venous insufficiency, pulmonary tuberculosis, malignant tumors and many other pathologies.

To maintain a good sportive shape and optimal weight can only be properly fed. Be patient, follow the recommendations of qualified nutritionists, trainers – and losing weight will not lead to health problems.

Image credit: Tom Crew