Unexpected weight loss downsides people rarely know

Unexpected weight loss downsides people rarely know Weight loss has turned out be an obsession with people nowadays. People often express their intentions to lose weight, ways to do it and involve in discussing relevant things. However, people hardly talk about the side effects which aren’t positive. The points mentioned below sums up few things which are not discussed by majority of people regarding weight loss.

The compliments from observers may surprise you    

As soon as people notice the changes, they are likely to comment in way which can take you by surprise.  Many people can comment in a way which makes you feel better. They could validate the full hard work that you’ve invested so far. However, some of these compliments won’t be pleasing to your ears.  You can also find them insulting which takes down your new found confidence.

Some people start behaving in a different manner

People tend to see you in a different light after the weight loss achievement. Don’t be awe-struck if friends and closed ones discuss gym schedules and calorie counting. Some people spend limited time with those who have made discouraging comments on new eating habits. Suddenly, a co-worker may start poking fun about the overweight customers. Many people observe a sea change in people around them after losing weight. It may not be an easy thing to digest considering the way they behaved before weight loss. Consequently, it may become difficult to figure out trustworthy and dependable people at times.

It’s quite easy to become obsessive

People can lose weight by eating extra intuitively and forging the right connection with their bodies. One needs to respond to hunger and the fullness signals to eat accordingly. The weight tends to go down gradually giving away a healthy feeling about the body change. However, you may become anxious while counting calories and the healthy feeling may go away surprisingly. The obsession can get on the nerves making you feel guilty in an attempt to crunch numbers and create records. Make sure that calorie count serves a loose guideline and not as some strict rule here. Losing the sanity is more harmful than not losing any weight. Instead of recording the numbers and stats, listen to the requirements of your body.

Life won’t be much different after achieving the ideal body weight

The society and health culture is completely obsessed about weight loss. People come across messages in social networking platforms, newspapers, websites etc. Despite exercising thought and consciousness during weight loss procedure, people tend to believe in numbers to give them the real happiness. It is false and can be a mood spoiler with many.

Many people think about getting rid of a certain amount of weight as soon as possible. It makes them believe that doing so will make them more beautiful, successful, confident and desirable. However, losing weight may not rid you of the inner insecurities even after achieving the desirable body shape. Losing weight will not entirely diminish all the problems in an instant. You need to lobe yourself irrespective to likes, dislikes and desires.