Six aspects of weight loss journey for women

Six aspects of weight loss journey for womenWomen are vulnerable to weight gain which may lead to low confidence and enthusiasm. For some females, cutting down on sugar, increased water and vegetable consumptions fails to work in favor. Weight loss is more of a journey which may appear somewhat a roller-coaster ride. Women need to fight challenges and hurdles lying in their way to shed the kilos. The below mentioned points go deeper into the matter –

Check your own equation with food choices

To cut down on weight, you need to consider food choices, calorie intake and make changes accordingly. Treat food options the same way as people within your friends, family, and professional circle. Sweet foods could be a friend to get rid of rejected or unloved feeling. The same thing may happen over chocolate intake which may be triggered by a lonesome feeling. You should approach these cravings with logic, practicality and maturity. Consuming foods which lead to unnecessary weight gain should be curbed immediately. Overeating or emotional eating will not take you closer to weight loss.

Face the emotional and deep psychological blows

Less eating and over exercising will not give the best weight loss results. Be prepared to face heartbreaks and setbacks which should be considered as a part of entire journey. Such defeating blows shouldn’t demoralize or crush your enthusiasm. Never feel unpleasant about yourself based on the opinion of those in your close circles. Consider the entire episode as a part of this brave journey undertaken by you.

Make sure you’re sleeping enough

Sleep deprivation may hinder the loss of fats, say researchers at University of Chicago. It may also trigger a hungry feeling due to the presence of ghrelin hormone in high levels. Deprivation of sleep would be hard on your overall health and prevent you from maintaining a leaner body figure. Junk food cravings and overeating may be a direct result of sleep deprivation in several cases.

Get rid of the guilt feeling and have compassion

Women aiming for weight loss criticize themselves as per their eating habits and lethargic attitude. There is no need for such physical abuse and negative self bashing. An over-restrictive approach to dieting in form of self punishment is not a long term solution. Have some compassion with yourself and practice self acceptance and self love It may increase the motivation and give more self confidence to prevent repeating errors.

Be fully prepared to face fluctuations

This is a rollercoaster ride as you end up both gaining and losing weight during the journey. It can take place more than once or twice so don’t be surprised. Weight fluctuations are normal in a month’s period for women. According to research outcomes, serotonin levels drop down in women prior to menstruation. They are more vulnerable to end up with food cravings and eating more.

Some people will envy your periodic accomplishments       

Different people may treat you differently during the entire episode or journey. Some people are likely to treat you the same way, suggesting food restrictions, regular exercise and will power. After some weight loss accomplishments, some people may feel insecure with your progress. You dedication and approach tends to make them uncomfortable and feel challenged. People within your circles may not be supportive enough in your efforts, just progress ahead with a healthy eating plan.

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