Unconventional weight losing tactics without involving exercises

Unconventional weight losing tactics without involving exercisesPeople seek the shortest possible route to find a solution and it’s no different with weight loss. In most cases, it primarily involves an over-exhausting exercise regimen and punishing diet programs. There is no denying that weigh gain is the end result of the choices made, both small and big. Losing weight is not possible overnight with extreme efforts and requires the right approach. It may be great news for people involved in losing their kilos significantly. There is no need for making extreme lifestyle changes but small changes on day to day basis can do wonders. However, everything starts off with eating well and exercising on regular basis.

Be friends with positive people

There is no underestimating the impact of a positive feedback. It is likely to come from a nicer person which indicates the importance of being in a positive company. According to a journal, women hearing words of appreciation or acceptance on their size maintained their weight or lost extra kilos really fast.  The opposite thing happened with women who were criticized by family and friends regarding weight and size. Consequently, it is better to be in company with people who accept you the way you are and express it. Colleagues and friends putting you down allow the negativity to impact weight loss efforts.

Proceed by making healthier choices   

According to experts, a person goes through 200 eating decisions on an average day. With pressure mounting so much, it may be impossible to be conscious of every food choice. Changing the environment which impacts food choices could be the way to next step. ‘Mindless Eating’ author Wansink discovered that people with fruits bowls at kitchen counters are weighing less compared to those who didn’t have the same. Being the only option available, you are likely to have more fruits which help in weight loss.

Drink water and consume almonds regularly

Water and almonds facilitate weight loss to a greater extent. According to study findings, almond consumption can effectively curb your appetite helping you in your journey. Gorging on almonds on a regular basis leads to better health. They have high antioxidant skins which help in shedding the kilos significantly.

Water is also a great tonic which gives a full feeling. It prevents you from overeating as you end up munching on the required amount. Plain regular water is a much better tonic compared to diet drinks and energy drinks. Have a glass full of water prior to each meal and keep sipping throughout the full day.


Sleeping is very important for the body to relax as it tends to turn scarce. It leads to significant reduction in stress and promotes overall health. Duration and quality of sleeping impacts appetite signaled within the brain. According to a study, sleep deprivation results in changes within a brain region. It is primarily related with obsessive behavior making the subjects vulnerable to eat in pursuit of pleasure and not hunger. Adequate sleep brings an overall improvement in weight loss efforts.

Losing weight is a step by step process which may not be harsh. Always proceed with a positive mindset and intent by bringing small changes in lifestyle as discussed above.

Image source: Andriy Popov