Ways To Stay In Shape During Winter Days

Ways To Stay In Shape During Winter DaysThe weather is not pampered – it’s a fact. I feel it doubly – I do not think I have a bigger stinker than me. Does this mean, however, that you should spend the whole day under a blanket? Tempting, but not for me. I can not afford it, nor do I want to vegetate for a few months each year. Waste of time!!!

How to be in winter form and not get weather? Several ways:

1. Buy the right clothes.
Of course, color is also important, but I’m talking about clothes specifically adapted to winter weather. As is often said – the weather for training is always there are only badly dressed people. Pure truth! I realize that this is a big investment – however, good clothes will serve you even for a few years! Dress well – always one layer less than you would take for a walk.

2. Find a training partner!
The method always works, regardless of the season. However, in winter, dark evenings will be safer.

3. Set training goals, sign up for the competition.
A specific goal is the foundation!

4. If you do not want to train outside and run in the cold – nothing is lost!
You still have plenty of other options – dance classes, fitness club or swimming pool. As the saying goes – for those who want nothing difficult.

5. Do not wait for the right moment!
Do you train and take care of yourself just to look nice in a bikini? Also think about your health and well-being. It is you who feel good in your body – no matter if you have a bikini or two sweaters. You can also be in the winter in top form !!

if you always wait for perfect conditions you will never reach your goals
And here are a few ways for snow minders:

– often drink warm tea with ginger.

– eat regular, warm meals (you can even increase their calorific value)

– eat a lot of protein – the body uses more energy to absorb proteins, which increases its activity and temperature.

– always wear a cap – the most heat escapes through the head (up to 30 degrees).

– do not keep your hands in your pocket – it limits their movement which slows down the circulation.

– move a lot!!! Bet on outdoor activity – the body will get used to the cold faster!

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