The Everyday Habits of Slim People

Losing weight without much effortLosing weight always involves various restrictions and physical stress. Swimming, fitness, diet, fasting days – all this and much more helps to remove the extra pounds. However, in addition to proper nutrition and sport, you can resort to small tricks that, even without serious efforts on your part, will help to lose weight.

Losing weight without much effort

Of course, for weight loss it is desirable to adjust your diet. It is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition or sometimes arrange unloading, you can also use diets. In addition, it is important to be physically active. But small tricks that help to eat less, remove the feeling of hunger and spend more calories without much effort, too, will not interfere.

Here are some of the most effective:

  • use blue or green plates to eat food, it reduces appetite;
  • portions should be small, because you can always add food (but often it is not required, but we still want to eat everything that is on the plate);
  • laugh more often – fifteen minutes of laughter during the day help to spend 280 kcal per week;
  • try to lose weight for the company with friends, it helps not to lose weight with a diet or proper nutrition;
  • Do not eat at a computer or TV, because there is a risk of eating more food than usual;
  • While jogging, fitness, or charging, listen to rhythmic music, it helps to take longer;
  • try to eat at the table, and not on the way to work or a meeting, otherwise there is a risk of overeating;
  • if you want to eat, you must drink a glass of water;
  • in the evening after the last meal, you should brush your teeth, then there is hardly anything you want;
  • charging is better done in the morning, it will help to speed up the metabolism;
  • Use aromatherapy – the flavors of citrus and pine needles help to reduce appetite and remove the feeling of hunger;
  • after sports it is not necessary to have a rest at once, it is better to walk for 15 minutes, it will help to prolong the process of fat burning.

Habits that will help to become slimmer

If you use at least a few of these tricks daily, losing weight will go more quickly. It is not necessary to starve or exhaust yourself with constant training, it is harmful to health. It will be enough to eat properly and have a regular low load.

Habits that will help to become slimmer

It is very important for weight loss to develop certain eating habits. In two weeks you will get used to proper nutrition. What kind of habits are we talking about? Of course, the most important and well-known are to eat low-fat foods, include more vegetables and fruits in the diet, and also eat less sweets and muffins.

There are less well-known, but no less useful habits. Here are the main ones:

  • salads must be filled with vegetable oils and lemon juice;
  • in cereals, desserts, yogurts, kefir, fruit salads should be added cinnamon. This spice helps to accelerate metabolism;
  • The amount of salt should be reduced, but the hot pepper can be eaten in large quantities (if there is no allergy). It speeds up the metabolism;
  • breakfast should be dense – porridge, eggs, cottage cheese, healthy sandwiches with boiled meat and vegetables. This will help not overeat during the day;
  • On the table should always be fruit and vegetables. If you want to eat, you should use one of these foods, not candy;
  • Lunch should be prepared at home and taken with you to work;
  • tomatoes help to suppress hunger, so you need to include them more often in the menu;
  • during the dinner try to eat soup, it is well sated and does not contain a lot of calories (if properly cooked);
  • Before every meal, drink a glass of clean water, preferably with a slice of lemon – this will reduce the amount of food consumed;
  • dinner should always be easy, but satisfying – vegetable casserole, omelet, cottage cheese with berries, fish with salad;
  • Do not eat low-fat dairy products – they contain little phosphorus and calcium, which is necessary for processing fats in the cells. It is better to choose foods with a fat content of 1-2.5%;
  • instead of coffee drink green tea, it also contains caffeine and at the same time helps to speed up the metabolism;
  • if you want a sweet, you should eat bitter chocolate, fruits, berries and dried fruits.

It is necessary to introduce these useful habits gradually. You’ll see, they really help to lose weight faster and less stressfully.

Unobtrusive charging: useful exercises for health

In addition to various sports, there are cunning insensible exercises. They can be carried out in transport, at work, while doing household chores. They will help tighten the muscles and reduce the volume.

Here are the most effective exercises:

  • on inhalation, it is necessary to draw in the stomach and stay in this position for 20 seconds. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want during the day;
  • squeeze and unclench the buttocks for 20 seconds, take a break 10 seconds and repeat again;
  • climbing the stairs – 2-3 times a day you should walk on the stairs on foot, but it is better to do without an elevator at all;
  • sitting on a chair, to clasp hands from behind, to cross the feet and slightly to raise above the floor;
  • when reading paper documents, it is necessary to keep them on weight, this will strengthen the muscles of the hands;
  • Put your hands under the table top and make efforts, as if lifting a lid;
  • sit in the workplace must be straight, the stomach is drawn, the legs are full foot, the vertex is stretched up, the shoulders are straightened. After a few seconds you can relax, then repeat again;
  • lean on the back of the chair, and stretch the legs forward, strain the buttocks and slightly lift the pelvis from the chair, repeat five times.

Such useful and very simple exercises will greatly facilitate the task of losing weight.

If weight loss on diets, discharges and calorie counting is too complicated for you, try small tricks. They will help to become slimmer, strengthen and tighten the muscles, adjust the digestion process and speed up the metabolism.

Image credit: Tony Northrup, Nathan Cowley